Homemade Wind Power can Save You Money!

Back Yard Windmill Generator

An easy homemade wind power system can easily save you lots of money on your electric bill for only a small investment.  If you live in an area with fairly dependable wind, you can add homemade wind power in your yard, and let the constantly renewing wind provide much of the electricity you need to run your home.  And with a little extra investment and work, you may even wind up actually selling power BACK to the electric company to reduce your electric bill even further, and you may even wind up with them PAYING YOU!

Homemade Wind Power systems are very straightforward to buy or build.

The first step is to check with your local and national governments and power authorities to see if there are any tax incentives or rebates that will help offset the cost to install the system, whether you plan to build or buy.  Then analyze your utility bills to see how much you can expect to save with the energy that you will produce.  When you add the savings on your utility bills with your possible tax incentives or rebates, you may wind up really wondering why you didn’t do this, and start saving money, long ago.

Next, you’ll want to find a clear space that gets a good constant wind flow for the windmill tower.  A good wind generator has blades that are about 8’ – 10’ in diameter so they need a fair amount of space in which to spin freely.  And, the top of the windmill will turn so that the blades are always facing the wind for the most efficient operation.

Today, there are many good programs available to take you step by step through Do it Yourself addition of wind power to your home. Here is one of the best. I especially like this one as it shows you many alternative and money saving sources for the materials you need.

Home Made Wind Energy

And, of course, you can always use a commercially installed system.  Either way, you will save money and help conserve our earth’s natural resources.

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