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Is Solar Electric Right For You?

If you are thinking about adding a solar electric system for your home or business then you are joining millions of other energy-conscious individuals around the world. Solar electricity provides reliable, pollution free energy from the constant in our lives - the sun. Solar electric systems are becoming more affordable and efficient as advancements are made in photovoltaic designs and construction.

Adding to the affordability, many solar electricity systems are able to participate in net metering in many areas of the world. This means that when your solar electric system generates more power than you are using, your meter actually runs backwards resulting in a reduction in your electric bill. And if you produce more electricity than you consume for any given billing cycle, your power company will actually pay you.

Before you invest in a solar electric system for your home or business, it is best to understand exactly what you are purchasing and how solar electric is generated. The building blocks of any solar electric system are the photovoltaic cells which are wired together to produce solar electric modules. The electricity produced from the modules or panels is then passed through an inverter that changes the current from AC to DC, making it usable to power household appliances and the utility grid. It is often a popular choice to include batteries in a solar electric system to store backup power to be used in times of low sun light and power outages.

It is important to understand that solar electric systems don't produce any electricity at night, and during overcast weather, their output is reduced. This is why you should include proper batteries in your solar electric system. They will supply power for those times when the sun is not. And, of course, if you are still connected "to the grid," you will get power from the electric company to "fill in the gaps" in your solar power.

Installing a non-do it yourself solar electric system can come with an initially high price tag and it may take years before the system pays for itself. However, with net metering and government funded rebates, many are able to pay off systems quickly.

You definitely don't need to know the physics behind solar electric systems to understand their appeal. A solar electric system will never run out of fuel, nor will it continue to consume our earth's natural resources - and most important, it emits NO greenhouse gasses. Stop just thinking about a solar electric system for your home or business and start investing in your freedom by starting your research of solar electric systems today.

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