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The Home Power Monitor
How Power Monitoring
Can Save You Money

By Dan Davenport

Do you know where the power that you consume every day is going?

A home power monitor can help you find the devices in your home that are consuming -- and in many cases, wasting -- power. Then stop it to save money and power.

Attach simple, inexpensive power monitoring equipment at the point where the electricity comes into your home and display how much power you are consuming. Some attach internally in the main power box for your home and monitor the power you draw from there, sending the information to a remote display (if you use this version, make sure you have a qualified person install it as opening the electric panel can be dangerous!). Others attach to the outside of the power meter for your home and send the readings from there. Either way, the information from the power monitoring system is shown on a convenient hand held device, or a desk top display, or on your computer monitor and you get a reading of how much power you are drawing at any given instant. You can then start turning devices off to see how much power draw you can eliminate. Where this gets interesting is when you think you have all of your appliances and electronics turned off. Then, you’ll see how the small amount of power consumed hour after hour by the various clocks, timers, cell phone and music player chargers, televisions, clock radios, VCRs, DVRs, DVD players, cable boxes, etc. and all the other small electronic devices around your home waste watts -- for which you pay -- all day and all night long. Here is a related article about Phantom Power Drain.

Switched Power StirpPlug these chargers and the like into switched power strips so you can turn them off when they are not in use. For example, plug your cell phone and music player chargers into one strip that you turn on at night when you plug the devices in so they can charge overnight while you sleep, and turn it off in the morning when the devices are charged. Plug all of the computer accessories, printers, speakers, monitors -- even the computer itself, into another strip that you switch off when you shut down at night and turn on again in the morning.

The power monitor will help you find and eliminate all these watt wasters to save you money on your utility bill, and save the natural resources needed to create that power.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dan_Davenport

Here is a Power Monitor with a great review from my partners at Amzaon.com that will certainly start you saving money:

Want to quickly do this right and make energy and money saving easy? My partners at Amazon.com also have two exciting switched power strips for you to choose from. Both let you keep the ugly tangle of wires hidden while still being able to turn the strip off and on conveniently and easily.

You'll also want to take a look at Home Automation. You can actually program when your energy consuming devices turn on and off - and also activate many devices remotely. My partners at SmartHome Inc. have just about the most complete selection, so Get all your home automation products at Smarthome for best values!

Enjoy the savings - both for you and for our planet!

Copyright 2009 - Dan Davenport

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